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Welcome to my reality...

for those that dont like it... TOO BAD!

26 April
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Welcome to my LiveJournal!

Come and peruse (sp?) at your pleasure.

There are some rules here...
1) Be nice...
2) Realize that this journal is an extesion of myself and if you dont like it... too bad... you dont have to read...
3) and as always REPECT MY AUTHORITA!

otherwise this is my journal... and i usually say what i want to in here... i vent frustrations usually... so if i dont update in awhile then that means i am either happy with my life at the time, or i am very very very busy.
HOKAY SO i am mitch. I am a junior at the wonderful UW Green Bay. I am majoring in Biology with an Emphasis in animal bio. With minors in Chemistry and Environmental Science. I am an animal freek and hope to work with animals when i grow up. I love to watch movies, play video games, play with animals, and other things... otherwise thats me. Feel free to read my Journal. as well as feel free to leave comments... but be nice...